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Annual Pet Care logo10 Questions Every Pet Owner Should Ask Their Veterinarian

Your veterinarian plays a critical role in your pet's overall well-being, and will work with you to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Make sure you get the most out of every visit by discussing these ten topics. You can also download them here.

  1. Did you notice anything unusual during my pet’s exam?

  2. What vaccines are right for my pet, and what do they protect against?

  3. What age should I consider having regular labs tests done for my pet, and what can they tell me about my pet’s health?

  4. What flea, tick and intestinal parasites preventatives do I need to keep my pet safe all year long?

  5. How does my pet’s teeth and mouth look, and what can I do to take care of my pet’s oral health at home?

  6. How can I tell if my pet is at a healthy weight and how should they exercise?

  7. Am I feeding my pet a healthy diet and giving the right amount of food?

  8. What grooming services can you offer, and what products should I use to keep my pet’s coat and nails healthy at home?

  9. What types of behavior should I be concerned about?

  10. What should I be watching for as my pet gets older to ensure he/she is healthy and around for the longest time possible?

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