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Laser Therapy provides drug-free, pain-free relief for your pet. In addition to reducing pain and inflammation, Laser Therapy speeds the healing process for pets suffering from injuries.

  Dog receives Laser Therapy Treatment.
  Veterinary Laser Therapy Unit

North East Animal Hospital now offers Therapeutic Laser treatments for patients. This exciting technology is non-invasive and can be used to accelerate healing for a variety of conditions. Therapeutic Laser technology stimulates damaged tissue to regenerate more quickly. It also decreases pain and inflammation by reducing pain signals and increasing local endorphins to make pets comfortable.

Often used on arthritic or senior pets, Laser Therapy treatment helps keep pets more comfortable and improves mobility. Arthritis can negatively affect the lifestyle of an older dog or cat, because it limits the senior pet's ability to interact in daily family life. Results are typically seen after 3-4 treatments and even if other systemic problems are present, such as poor kidney function or metabolic conditions, Laser Therapy is safe for pets.

Laser Therapy treatments can aid in surgical healing and skin infections. Patients undergoing routine surgery will have faster healing times for their incisions and less inflammation. Pets with skin infections will benefit since the laser increases blood flow to the damaged area of skin and stimulates the cells to heal.

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treatments by LiteCure Companion Laser Therapy: