Save On Parasite Prevention this March!
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With the recent Erie winter warmup, you wouldn't be surprised at the number of fleas and ticks we're seeing already!

Spring into Parasite PreventionThese pests are carriers of dangerous diseases, such as Lyme, Heartworm, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and more. Many of these diseases can even be transmitted to you and your family if your pet becomes infected. This means it's more important now than ever to have your pet on a reliable parasite preventative, to help keep your pets and family safe.

We've teamed up with the manufacturers of Vectra 3D, Simparica, Interceptor Plus and Bravecto to pass along great offers for the entire month of March 2018!

  • Vectra 3D (monthly topical flea/tick control for dogs): Buy 6 doses, receive 20% instant rebate (up to $30 in savings)
  • Simparica (monthly oral flea/tick control for dogs): Online rebates of $15 on 6 doses OR $35 on 12 doses
  • Interceptor Plus (monthly oral heartworm control for dogs): Online rebates of $5 on 6 doses OR $15 on 12 doses
  • Bravecto (3 month topical flea/tick for cats): Online rebate of $15 on 2 doses in same invoice

If you're not sure which product is best for your pet, call us at (814) 725-8836 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced team members.