September Promotion

parasite preventionPrevention is the best approach in protecting your pet against deadly heartworms, intestinal parasites, and flea and tick infestations.

That is why we are offering 20% off all doses (single or 6-packs) of Vectra 3D for dogs and EasySpot for cats throughout the month of September 2015!*

Life is better for your pet and family without parasites. Call us at (814) 725-8836 or stop by to get your pet's preventatives today.

*Offer expires September 30, 2015

Join Us in the Fight Against Pet Cancer

According to the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF), a nonprofit that invests in science to advance animal health, roughly 12 million new pet cancer diagnoses are made in cats and dogs each year.

morris-animal-foundation-logoNorth East Animal Hospital supports the MAF in their Unite to Fight Pet Cancer campaign. You can join us and take a stand against pet cancer in different ways:

Thank you for joining us in the fight against pet cancer. Please share this information with your friends and family — knowledge is power!

Have questions about your pet's health? Call us at (814) 725-8836 to speak to one of our veterinarians.